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Doom 3 Icons

Monday, August 2nd, 2004

With id software’s new Doom 3 release this month, here are a couple of icons you can use.

Original Doom 3 Windows Icon
It’s the actual Doom 3 icon from the game itself (thanks Tuan!). Windows .ico format (Windows XP and 256 color versions in 16×16, 32×32 and 48×48 pixels):

Doom 3 Icon

Download Icon

Doom 3 Logo PNG for ObjectDock
A modified Doom 3 logo in PNG format for use with StarDock’s ObjectDock launchbar/taskbar/dock program (128×128 pixels with alpha-channel transparency):

(Right-click on image and save)

ObjectDock with Doom 3 Logo PNG Screenshot

Doom 3 Logo Pixel Icon
A clean, crisp pixel icon of the Doom logo. Pixel-pushed by hand. Comes in Windows XP Color mode with alpha-channel transparency version (with drop-shadow) and a 256 color version without the drop-shadow. Perfect for the desktop.
Doom Logo Pixel Icon

Download Icon

Fell In Love with a Girl

Saturday, June 14th, 2003

The “Fell in Love With a Girl” (see below) is my song list of some really great music. Most of the 20 songs listed thematically centers on the idea of love. Not just romantic love though; it’s everything in between and underneath.

I usually listen to a wide range of genres and that’s kinda evident on the mix. It reflects the alternative, R&B, pop, jpop/kpop, dance, Christian, country and hip hop influence of my various friends (although for you guys, I did tone down my selection a bit). Each track has a distinctive sound, and I tried to stay away from the usual stuff.

(To everyone else that’s confused, this is a list of songs for a mixed CD I’m sharing with a few friends.)

So here you go…

01. Fell in Love With a Girl
by The White Stripes (1:50)

It’s a short, fun way to start off 80 minutes of continuous music. I love the low-fi-in-your-face sound.

Fell in love with a girl
Fell in love once and almost completely
She’s in love with the world
But sometimes these feelings
Can be so misleading

02. The Other Man
by Sloan (3:52)

The “other man” is an elitist genius with a malevolent, antisocial agenda. You always have to watch out for the quiet ones. Plus, where else are you going to find the words like abhorr and unbeknownst in the same song?

You know he’s not the one for you
But that’s no fault of mine
He knows that I’m a friend of yours
But doesn’t know I’ve crossed the line
I know you’ve got a man in the picture
But it hasn’t stopped me yet
We’ve all been in one situation or another
We regret

03. The World I Know
by Collective Soul (4:16)

It’s a cold hard look at the harsh reality of life. Changing values of society? Indeed. The music video for this song is still my favorite. A sadden businessman slowly goes up to the edge of the building. He contemplates about life, and as he’s about to jump, he changes his mind and instead tries to do good for others. It’s a story of redemption. For himself and for his outlook on the people around him.

So I walk up on high
And I step to the edge
To see my world below
And I laugh at myself
As the tears roll down
‘Cause it’s the world I know
It’s the world I know.

04. Forestfire
by David Usher (3:40)

There of course has to be a David Usher song in this mix, even though it didn’t really fit thematically. Still, it goes with the flow and I love the distinctive piano work.

Can’t you see I’m laughing
Laughing at the consequence
Laughing at this circumstance
Don’t you know by now

05. Mishale
by Andru Donalds (3:37)

This one is really old, and I remember listening to it maybe once or twice on the (pre-internet) radio. But I’ve managed to track it down. Even with a spelling like that.

Mishale, what am I supposed to do
Mishale, I’ll never get over you
Loving you is heaven
Missing you is hell

06. Somedays
by jacksoul (4:36)

Probably one of my favorite songs. Listen to it and you’ll hear someone struggling to forget a loved one. It’s a bittersweet tale.

I don’t even feel the pain
I don’t even call your name

07. Thank U in Advance
by Boyz II Men (4:12)

This is probably one of their best sleeper songs that never really got airplay. As the songs says, it’s a little bold and forward, but yet Boyz II Men manages to make it sound romantic.

Girl, you look like my first wife
Though I’ve never been married before
So I kiss your hand and tell you, “thank you”
You turn and ask me what for

08. I Believe
by Blessid Union of Souls (4:28)

I really like this song. And it has a simple message of love when facing the most difficult of situations.

‘Cause I believe
That love is the answer
I believe
That love will find the way

09. Something Beautiful
by Jars of Clay (3:46)

There’s this sincerity and humility in his voice that I just love. It’s about transformation and wanting it.

Close my eyes and hold my heart
Cover me and make me something
Change this something normal
Into something beautiful

10. I Will Not Forget You
by Praise Band (4:43)

Sometimes it’s easy to forget.

Many men drink the rain
And turn and thank the clouds
Many men will hear You speak
They will never turn around

11. Worlds Collide: a fairy tale
by Plumb (3:50)

There are times when you have to sacrifice love for something more important. This song is about one of those times.

Giving everything for love
I’m finding out that it’s not enough
There’s nothing left between you and I
I’m finding faith but losing us
Where worlds collide

12. Whatever She Wants
by Jars of Clay (3:43)

What may seem like doing something for love and for the best of intentions really is a deception. It’s falling into this trap and it drains you of everything.

Whatever she wanted
For whatever you need
Speechless and silent
While she takes everything

13. Here with Me
by Plumb (4:04)

It’s about your source of strength, whether it’s God or someone dear to you. It’s about needing them near you.

I can’t do anything without You
You give me strength to do anything
I can’t be everything I try to
You saved me from the everything
I couldn’t be

14. Faint
by Phatfish (3:46)

If there was a rock anthem celebrating Jesus to be proud of, this song would be it.

You are Jesus Christ, faithful One
Risen King, Champion
You deserve the highest praise
The Lamb of God
Who once was slain for our sin

15. One and One
by Robert Miles featuring Maria Nayler (6:33)

The intro for this song is longer than the full duration of the first song. Welcome to symphonic trance.

The sky isn’t always blue
The sun doesn’t always shine
It’s alright to fall apart sometimes

16. Naked and Sacred
by Maria Nayler (2:53)

I kinda found this one by accident by the same singer above. Not really the deepest of songs, but just love it for its simplicity

When I’m with you
I feel naked and sacred
And this world can be so cold
I wanna hold you naked and sacred
‘Till I grow old

17. Rather Be In Love
by Michelle Branch (3:51)

Obligatory Michelle Branch song. Her songs are my current obsession right now.

‘Cause when there’s you, I feel whole
And there’s no better feeling in the world
But without you I’m alone
And I’d rather be in love with you

18. Monday, Monday, Monday
by Tegan and Sara (3:15)

It’s a fun, playful song. And I just really like the sound of the distinctive, cute, raspy voice on the track. Yeah.

Monday, Monday, Monday
Monday, Monday, Monday
Monday, Monday, Monday
Monday, Monday, Monday

19. Between
by Vienna Teng (3:35)

There’s something about her voice. It’s very pristine and enchanting.

No pleasing drama
In subtle averted eyes
The swelling fermata
As the chord dies

20. Concerto For Voice
by J (3:55)

It’s a quiet, lyric-less song to end the mix. It’s by the very talented Korean singer, “J”.