Moving to WordPress

With all the noise that’s going on, I think I’m gonna move to WordPress soon. Partly because it’s the next “new thing” and partly because I’m having fun playing around with it. I’ve even hacked up my own little WP plugin using PHP–something I couldn’t (or at least, didn’t know how to) do with MT.

I’m still keeping the old 2.x version of MovableType though. It’s been managing my church website, which requires multiple blogs and authors. It still does everything I need for those sites at the moment, so it’s fine. And I like how I can compartmentalize different sections of the site into one admin area. It’s fairly simple and it has a slightly lower learning curve than WP, which makes all the difference for everyone else involved.

At least, until this happens :)

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  1. RobertSlozy Says:

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